Have wig, will travel.

Mod & Muse Boutique is owned and operated by four generations of women who will use just about any excuse to play dress up!






Little Red

Our team has combined experience in education, cosmetology, art & fashion design, event planning, and stage performance. From young children to the young at heart, we are excited to share our love of song, dance, and learning with you!

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Available Characters

Fairy Tales


  • The Tower Princess

  • The Garden Princess

  • The Midnight Princess

  • The Ocean Princess

  • The Book Princess

  • The Snow Queen

  • The Dragon Princess

  • The Mermaid Princess


  • The Mariposa Sisters

  • The Green Fairy

  • The Fairy Godmother

  • The Snowman

  • The Sea Witch

  • The Queen of Hearts

  • Cruella De Vil

Superheroes & More

  • Lady Thor

  • Captain Miracle

  • The Woman of Wonder

  • The Pink Lady

  • Pocket Monster Trainers

  • The Salem Sisters

  • Professors & Students from the Wizard School of Magic